It's apparent your dislike, even if you're unaware of it. Its all eventual. It may or may not be factual. But in the end, the circumstances remain truthful.

What books are on my shelf (books I have read and decided to own)

The works of Roger Zelazny, including The Chronicles of Amber and its companion books. Several of his late 70-80's science fiction.

Most of the Libba Bray 'Sweet far things' series. I just don't own them all yet.

Alexander Gordon Smiths 'The Fury' and his 'Escape the Furnace' series. The Fury has remained with me for a long time, it is an amazing read. One I relate to deeply.

Incarceron and Saphique

The crown of Thorn trilogy by Mark Lawrence. Over explains some details, very dark, have reread 5+ times

'The Fear' and its 6 other books by Charlie Higson, the first 2-3 books are happening simultaineous with the others. Makes for fun realizations. Great zombie series.

Brandon Sandersons 'Steelheart'trilogy. If you like the boys, this is similar. Less rated R tho.

L.J Smiths Stand alone books as well as her Soulmate series.

Audio books I own and relisten to

Dia Reeves 'Bleeding Violet' and 'Slice of Cherry', RIP Dia I'm sad I could never tell you how much your books meant to me.

Chronicles of Amber, read by L's voice actor for the first half. Will Wheaton on the last 2.

Grand Theft Astro, honestly so funny

The Relia series! Some of the best YA i've read, with character death and trauma. Amazingly written.

Crown of Thorn Trilogy

Scott westerfields 'Uglies' Series


Digital books I own and re-read

Crown of thorn series :p

The Wicked Lovely saga!! Such great YA Fae romance.

Bizenghast by M. Alice LeGrow, she has a webtoon series now. Her online name is Funwithpunko. This series inspired me to be an artist.

Holly blacks 'Kin' graphic novels, Dark fae are so yummy.

Derek Landy's Skullduggery Pleasent series, horribly slept on. Such a fantastic series. Kept me from kms when I was younger.


Shows/movies I rewatch

Black Summer| Z nation (up till season 3) | American Mary | American Psycho | Ammityville horror 2017 | MLP | IT Crowd | Inside Job | Mind Hunter | Twilight (when its that fall season) more tba as I remember


Video games I play

BTD/TPOF | League of Legends | Outerworlds | F&H(mostly Termina) | Postal games | Dishonored | VTM bloodlines | dayz | Valheim | Little witch in the woods | Cult of the lamb

Skyrim SE modded | Stardew modded | Cyberpunk 2077 | Disco Elysium | Persona 4+5 (hopefully 3)